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Outside Plant Engineering


At Fail Engineering, your priority is our priority! Our skilled engineers, assistants, technical support, and office personnel are available to meet your needs. We can provide as little, or as much support for your project as you specify, always keeping your best interest in mind, providing a quality product at a reasonable price.


Listed below are some of the areas in which we provide assistance: Area Coverage Survey, Existing Plant Testing, CSA/DLC Plans, Staking Services, Right-of-Way Acquisition, Plans and Specifications, Contract Administration, Construction Inspection, Acceptance Testing, Contract Close-out, Work Order Inspection, Continuing Property Records, Records Management, Routine Engineering, Design, Cost Studies/Reports, Long Range Planning, DDAP, JMOS

Mechanized Records


Fail Engineering has a team of experts committed to providing quality digitized records for our clients. We use a specialized software product to offer a total solution to the record keeping needs of your company.


Our team converts paper records to digitized records with embedded detail that can be used for continuing property record (CPR) maintenance, outside plant engineering, customer facility assignment, cable locating, repair trouble shooting and other services that benefit from accurate, easy to read, digitized facility records.

Central Office Engineering


As advances in technology occur, it is necessary to maintain a balance between making the most of existing infrastructure and evolving communications networks to provide new competitive services. Fail Engineering has a Central Office Engineering staff that is well versed in both Legacy and Next Generation Networks.


Listed below are a few areas in which we can offer our expertise:  Switching Systems Migration (TDM,Softswitch), Traffic Analysis, Existing Systems Test, Plans and Specifications (COE,CXR, MW), Installation, Project Management & Inspection, DC Power Systems, HVAC Systems, Fiber Optic Systems, Microwave/Cellular/Wireless, Records Management, Broadband, Grounding, LAN/WAN, Long Range Planning

Regulatory Group & RUS


At Fail Engineering , our regulatory team provides expertise in Telecommunications Policy (both state and federal), inter-carrier compensation, cost analysis, rate case development, local number portability, number management, Voice over IP, and strategic planning. 


A few of the areas in which we offer our expertise are: Interconnection Agreements, Cost Analysis, Rate Case Development, Local Number Portability, Number Resource Management, Expert Witness Testimony.


We assist communications companies in preparing applications for Rural Utility Service (RUS) loans and grants, and administering contracts, bids, job management, job inspections and closeouts for over 30 years.


Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing the professional guidance and attention to detail that will help to ensure your RUS loan or grant application is expertly prepared and supported throughout the review process.



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